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Look Five to Ten Years Younger In Less Than Two Hours – No Surgery Required!

As we age, we start to notice a flattening of our cheeks, a loss of definition of our jawline, our eyes begin to hollow out, and the youthful fullness of the face disappears. In the past, only traditional facelifts could help to restore a younger, suppler facial complexion.


Now, IYAC is offering a groundbreaking solution that can restore smoothness and vitality to the face without the need to go under the knife. IYAC’s Liquid Lift aims to restore the natural, youthful appearance of the skin with minimal risks and healing time required.


What is it?


IYAC's Liquid Lift uses injectable Fillers to give the effect of a mini-facelift. It gives a natural look and a long-lasting result.
The Liquid Lift is a non-surgical technique that aims to give a natural and fresh rejuvenation effect while minimising recovery time and telltale signs of having “work” done. 

Is the Liquid Lift right for me?


The Liquid Lift is ideal for patients – male and female – that desire to:


  • create a subtle cheek lift
  • define the jawline
  • restore the youthful, triangular shape of the face
  • have minimal downtime and minimal risks
  • prolong or altogether avoid the need for cosmetic surgery

How does it work?

Aging leads to loss of volume of the facial tissues, especially the skin and subcutaneous fat, which manifests as sagging skin.  This is commonly seen in the cheeks, nasolabial folds, around the mouth and jawline.  The loss of volume is primarily the result of loss of hyaluronic acid, collagen and water in the skin. The Liquid Lift aims to lift and restore the firm, youthful appearance of the face by injecting fillers into the sides of the face (lateral cheeks) and/or the jawline.
IYAC’s Liquid lift aims to restore the youthful appearance and harmony of the face.

What are the benefits?


  • A fresher, youthful appearance
  • Immediate results
  • High satisfaction rates with safe, predictable and repeatable results
  • Minimal to no healing time required


What can I expect during and after the procedure?


The Liquid Lift lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. This procedure is performed with regional local anaesthetic to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Fillers are injected using FDA-approved blunt cannulas to lift and tighten the cheek and jawline, during which time a small amount of tolerable discomfort may be experienced.


There may be swelling and redness over the treated area immediately after the treatment. This usually subsides within a few minutes to few hours. Makeup may be applied immediately after the treatment. Most patients are able to resume normal activities on the same day or by the next day. (Note that strenuous exercise should be avoided for 48 hours after treatment.)


Results are immediate, however the face may take a few days to settle into its natural shape. A small amount of swelling or puffiness for 3-5 days is normal.


How long do the results last?


Results last up to 12 months after 1 treatment. Those with more severe laxity can choose to repeat the treatment after 6 months. Refresher treatments are recommended every 6 to 12 months depending on the type of filler used and desired results. Results are consistent and reproducible.

Can Liquid Lift be combined with other treatment?

Liquid Lift can be combined with Botox for additional smoothening of lines and wrinkles.

Is the Liquid Lift safe?


The fillers used at IYAC are FDA-approved and have been safely used worldwide for some time. Side effects are rare.

What are the side effects?


The Liquid Lift aims to provide a natural rejuvenation with minimal bruising and swelling.  However, some patients may experience some bruising, swelling or tenderness following the treatment. These typically resolve spontaneously within 2 to 10 days. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs (such as aspirin), or omega-3 supplements (such as fish oil) may cause increased risks of bruising at the injection site. 

What do I need to do to prepare for a Liquid Lift?


If you are preparing to look great for an event, schedule your treatment 3-4 weeks before the date, especially if you are having a filler treatment for the first time. This will give enough time for bruises to recover should they occur, as well as time for touch-ups if required.


At your initial consultation, Dr Yeoh will address your specific concerns taking into account the area being treated, your skin type and budget in order to choose the right filler and treatment regime for you.

Can I do anything to prevent or reduce bruising from Liquid Lift?


To minimize bruising and bleeding, stop blood-thinning supplements and medications 5 days before injection. This includes aspirin, vitamin E, fish oil and gingko.


We routinely use homeopathic preparations like Arnica and you will be given a Gentlewaves®LED treatment immediately after the filler to help improve the skin’s healing process.


For ways to prevent and reduce bruising after a Liquid Lift, click here.




$1200 to $2200 depending on the individual’s desired lifting. Prices are subject to 7% GST.

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