IYAC sub-05

Cleansers & Toners
Skin Cleansing is the first step of a good skincare regime, and is vital for creating good skin health and a beautiful complexion. Choose from our selection of two options - a creamy deep cleansing foam cleanser, or a silky mousse cleanser, depending on your preference or skin type.
Our Hydrating Soothing Essence, created for all skin types, is a must-use as your second step - this makes a difference towards keeping your skin moisturized, revitalized and supple.
Exfoliants & Masks
The secret to smooth and poreless skin is to have a regular exfoliation and hydration regime. Regular exfoliation reduces acne bacteria and build-up of blackheads and whiteheads leaving skin with a youthful and healthy glow.
Step 1 - Choose a suitable exfoliant depending on your requirements and skin type.
Step 2 - After exfoliating, put on a treatment mask - depending on whether you wish to treat an acne breakout, hydrate, or just glow, we have something for every need.
Moisture is the single most important element for beautiful youthful skin. Dryness results in the skin appearing dull, tired, and less firm, and is often the underlying reason for sensitivity, pimples, open pores and pigmentation. When the skin is provided with enough moisture to nourish and hydrate itself, it will self-heal. Our selection of moisturizers cover all skin types (from blemish-prone to dehydrated skin) and all weather conditions (from hot & humid to freezing cold climates) to seal in natural moisture for perfectly hydrated skin.
Serums & Oils
Serums & Oils are often highly recommended (in addition to a moisturizer) as their deeper absorption and penetration into the skin, together with their non-greasy formulas and high concentration of actives, provide intensive nourishment and powerful anti-aging benefits. Contrary to popular belief, they help to reduce oil, shine & blemishes, nourish & protect and create glowing skin. Depending on which serum and oil you choose (based on your skin type), the right product can make a big difference to the way your skin looks and feels.
Sun Protection

Defend yourself with our sun protection products. Ranging from SPF 30 to SPF 90, our selection of sunscreens are all lightweight, non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Dry Skin
The secret to beautiful skin is hydration. Therefore, dry skin types need as much moisture as possible. The trick is to layer - after cleansing with a cream cleanser, use a toner for dry skin, followed by serum or oil which acts as a sealant, and finish off with moisturizer. Even with a moisture-packed regimen, this skin type loses water. Overcome this by using a hydrating mask twice weekly.
The following products help to support the treatments done in the clinic by preventing recurrence of pigmentation during and after the treatment program. As exposure to sunlight will always lead to repigmentation of the treated areas; Sun Avoidance + Daily Sunscreen + Protective Clothing (e.g. wearing a hat) is crucial for maintaining results and preventing recurrence.
Note: Prescription lightening creams are available in the clinic for pigment caused by sun damage, acne and hormonal changes.
Pimples & Pores
Our selected products for pimples & pores not only stabilize acne-prone skin, and restore skin to a smooth and clear complexion , but also firm, hydrate and brighten up the skin, without excessive irritation or dryness.
Sensitive Skin
The key to overcoming sensitive skin is to strengthen and repair the skin’s barrier function. We achieve this by providing the skin with essential skin nutrients, and choosing products that contain few ingredients, are fragrance-free, and offer soothing hydration.
Travel Sets
Our travel sets are a collection of essentials that come in a neat, transparent pouch that is practical and convenient for those who are on-the-go. These lovely miniature sizes are perfect for travel or if you simply wish to try out a few products at a time. Choose from 4 different skin types: Sensitive, Acne-prone, Dry & Aging, or Pigmented skin.
Note: We can also customize the items for your specific needs.