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At IYAC, the latest technology combined with newer techniques have made it easier and more convenient than ever to create natural-looking, subtle yet visibly great results with minimal discomfort and healing time. Dr Yeoh is in favor of a 'look good for your age' look rather than a 'done' look, and opts for a less is more approach. This reflects in IYAC's clientele who are often looking for a fresh, youthful look without the tell-tale signs of work done. Often, it is a combination of treatments that will bring about the most optimal results.


A machine-based skin tightening procedure using focused ultrasound (a form of heat energy) to lift and firm up the deep tissues of the face and neck, to achieve a natural-looking facelift effect, with minimal risks and healing time required. Ultherapy® is for anyone who desires a fresher and more youthful appearance. Ultherapy® predictably lifts the brows, tightens the cheeks and jowls, giving rise to a firmer and neater-looking face and neck. Best of all, only one treatment per year is required for most individuals.
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Botox Facelift

Botox Facelift is a skin tightening procedure using Botox in an innovative way. Diluted amounts of Botox are injected intradermally (under the skin) to achieve collagen stimulation and skin firming, resulting in a natural-looking face lifting effect.
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Liquid Lift

Liquid Lift is used to describe the effects when a combination of Botox and Fillers are used at the same time to create the effect of a mini-facelift. Liquid Lift is suitable for those with mild to moderate cheek laxity who wish to look fresher, and who do not want surgery. The lifting results are subtle but visible. This technique aims to give a natural and fresh rejuvenation effect without prolonged recovery time or tell-tale signs of having work done.
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Exilis Elite®


Exilis Elite® is an exceptionally safe and effective aesthetic device that uses focused Radiofrequency (RF) technology to reduce wrinkles and tighten up early signs of sagging skin. It is ideal for those in their 30s to 60s, who don’t want to undergo surgery. Treatments are comfortable, have no healing time and give visible results. A series of 4 treatments is usually required for optimal results.


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Gold Thread

Gold Thread procedure is a method of inserting gold threads under the skin to achieve younger, smoother, firmer skin. It delivers a completely natural-looking rejuvenation that lasts for many years. Micro-fine gold threads are implanted into the skin using a fine needle as a guide. Gold is inert and is not rejected by the body, and is left safely in the skin providing long-lasting youthful effects.
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