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Do collagen supplements help the skin?


Do collagen supplements help the skin?

Question: Does eating collagen help the skin? If so, which is better – collagen-rich foods or supplements?

Dr Yeoh: The short answer is – yes, ingesting collagen can help your skin. It’s helpful to remember that collagen is made up of amino acids, or protein. So to make collagen, it’s important to eat protein. Structure meals so that 1/3 of your plate comprises protein, such as lean meat, fish, nuts, seeds or lentils. The rest should be 1/3 veggies and fruits and 1/3 good fats, like avocados, olive oil, nuts, salmon, sardines and other oily fish.


Good quality collagen supplements that contain marine collagen or grass-bovine collagen do make a difference, but interestingly lifestyle habits play an even bigger role. To naturally boost collagen production, minimize your sugar intake –yes, this includes alcohol – and stop smoking. Both of these cause free radical formation and inflammation, which in turn leads to loss of our skin’s support structure and visible signs of aging. Also, It is very important to get good sleep every night. Sleep is one of the best ways to improve your skin and health. It also reduces stress and anxiety levels. It’s the closest thing we have to a “fountain of youth.” Even the best diet and collagen supplements can’t overcome a lifestyle that ignores these three rules.


Lastly, collagen can also be rebuilt with heat-based treatments such as Ultherapy, HIFU or Exilis Elite as well as collagen-rebuilding filler injections such as Sculptra or Ellanse. All of these treatments make a significant different to the overall youthful look of the skin.


For more about ways to increase collagen, read about IYAC’s Collagen Rebuilding Program.


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