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4 eye cream mistakes you don’t want to make



Eye cream is a must to protect the delicate skin around your eyes. Apply a little to your crow’s feet and voilà – you’re done, right? Wrong. Make sure you’re not making one of these common application mistakes.



4. Putting on eye cream last

Do you reach for your toner or softener right after cleansing? Most people do. Dr Chung Wan Ling recommends starting with eye cream first. “You want to apply eye cream first, so that the area around your eyes is protected as you apply layers of other types of face creams thereafter,” she says.


3. Applying it only to the wrinkly parts

You may be laser-focused on your outer-eye wrinkles and undereye bags, but don’t let that distract you from the greater goal. Apply the eye cream in small dots around your entire eye, including the upper eyelid.


2. Applying too much or too little

We know, we know – eye cream is expensive. And it usually comes in such tiny bottles, so it’s understandable to want to scrimp on how much you use. On the flip side, applying too much cream isn’t necessary either. Dr Chung says a half-pea size amount of cream should be adequate to hydrate the skin around both eyes.


1. Tugging, pulling and stretching

You knew this one, didn’t you? Beauty magazines have been pretty good about getting the word out to be gentle with the delicate skin around your eyes. The recommendation to use one finger – we like the ring finger – is a good one. Remember, gently pat – don’t rub! – the eye cream in with your fingertip. “Rubbing your eyes can break delicate periorbital blood vessels and contribute to dark eye circles,” warns Dr Chung. It takes about 10 seconds longer to pat, so exercise a little patience where it counts.

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