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Photoshop your face in real life? Try these 2 things



Photoshop is wonderful, isn’t it? A line erased here, a blemish removed there. But too much of a good thing can leave laughable bad results.


Real life is no different.


Small, conservative changes keep you looking fresh, healthy and like yourself. To get a natural, fresher “photoshopped” look, we recommend two treatments for small changes that yield big results.



1. Ellansé

A versatile, non-hyaluronic filler, Ellansé is the real-life version of Photoshop’s smudge tool. It softens and lifts away lines and shadows that develop as you age, adding lost volume to areas of the face that need it (commonly, the temples, forehead, cheeks and chin). Great, you say… but why is it different than say Restylane or Sculptra? Let us explain.


The two key advantages of Ellansé are same-day lifting effect and the longevity of the results. The effects of Ellansé can be seen the day of your treatment; there is no lag time to wait for your own collagen to produce results. It’s made of a bioresorbable gel that shows results right away, but then gradually breaks down over a three-month period. During this time, the filler kickstarts your body’s own collagen production to fill in the treated areas. The effect to you is seamless, though after three months the filler has been metabolized from the body. And with results that last up to two years, the filler works far longer than hyaluronic acid fillers. In this sense, you get the benefits of both worlds by getting the same-day effect of hyaluronic acid fillers (like Restylane) with the longevity of non-hyaluronic acid fillers (like Sculptra).


2. Skinboosters

Skinboosters is to the face what vibrance adjustment is to Photoshop. Restoring lost hydration results in a luminous, dewy look. The treatment involves hydration droplets deposited throughout the face to restore lost moisture to the skin. The droplets are made of water-absorbing hyaluronic acid produced under the Restylane brand. Rather than being used in larger quantities to fill folds and deep wrinkles, a micro-needle injects tiny quantities all over the face. The result is a glowing complexion with a springy, healthy suppleness to the touch.


For more information on either of these treatments, speak to one of our doctors today.