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The Basics: Skincare in Your 50s…and Beyond




As you age and change, your skincare routine should change with you. The same product that worked in your teens and 20s for cleansing away excess oil, won’t work on dry, thinning skin in your 50s.


What happens as skin ages?


It all starts in your 20s.


You begin to lose bone mass. This may happen as young as 25 and worsens during menopause due to declining levels of estrogen. We start to see bone loss in the face—forehead, cheeks and jawline. Not only are we shrinking, we don’t have enough bone to support soft tissues.


We begin to lose fat. And, while you may be fighting the battle of the bulge in your midsection, your body needs fat cells to support the underlying structure of the skin and to prevent wrinkles.


We also lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This trio is all found in our skin and connective tissues. Collagen and elastin are both proteins—collagen gives structural support (like scaffolding), while elastin provides youthful springiness (skin’s ability to bounce back). Hyaluronic acid hydrates skin and keeps it firm.


Is it too late for me too have younger looking skin?

“Of course not,” says Dr. Isabelle Yeoh. “There are treatments that will make your skin look younger and healthier. And, as you move forward, you should focus on maintaining healthy skin and protecting against further damage.”


In the Clinic

Depending on your skin condition, IYAC clinic doctors will create a personalized treatment plan. Below are a few treatments that may be part of your plan.


Lasers are one option for quick treatment with little downtime. Depending on your needs, lasers can be used to stimulate collagen and/or reduce pigmentation.


Injectables can also help restore skin tone. Certain non-hyaluronic fillers tighten skin and fill in contours by stimulating your body to produce more collagen. Many patients like these fillers as they are metabolized quickly and rely on your own body to naturally tighten your skin.


Ultrasound stimulates collagen production by penetrating deep skin layers with heat energy. The procedure targets the SMAS layer under the skin that is responsible for giving it support. Ultrasound can lift and tone loose skin as well as minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


Gold Thread Lift is a form of thread lift surgery designed to firm up sagging skin in the cheek and jaw line by threading a web of gold into your skin and underlying soft tissues. 24 karat gold threads are used to tighten and rejuvenate the patient's face, resulting in a more youthful, balanced look.


At Home

Sleep & Sunscreen. We cannot stress enough how much a good night’s sleep is really the best way to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking. Your body needs sleep to repair cell damage, it’s the best way to destress, boost your mental and emotional well-being, and it makes us look good feel healthy!


Wearing sunscreen is non-negotiable. Yes, even in your 50s sunscreen can prevent skin damage. In fact, there was a study published in 2013 by a group of Australian scientists that showed that sunscreen’s anti-aging properties work well into your 50s! As for the rest of your regime, choose chemical-free skincare that hydrates and soothes dry patches.



Start with a good cleanser. IYAC’s Gentle Resurfacing Cleanser enriched with silk micro powder and nourishing rice bran gently exfoliates and promote skin cell renewal.


Next, gently pat on a serum to deliver hydration, firming and lightening. Nutrient Serum with Swiss-derived peptides and stem cell extracts helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone.

Finally, choose a moisturizer with hydration and firming effects. We like Nutrient C Cream, which you can use twice a day, so you don’t need separate daytime and evening products. Its light weight and absorbs quickly, so you can apply makeup or lay your head down without worrying about stickiness.


A Few Times a Week

Sleeping masks work overnight to sooth and hydrate. The ingredients in IYAC’s Stem Cell Sleeping Mask are specially designed smooth and minimize fine lines so you wake up with glowing refreshed skin.