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The ABCs of Injectables


We’ve all seen it. Celebrities, socialites and sometimes our own friends—women and men—who look somehow unnatural. It’s obvious they’ve had work done, and in the most unfortunate cases, they may not even look like themselves anymore.




According to Dr. Isabelle Yeoh of the IYAC Aesthetic Clinic, this is the greatest fear that people have when it comes to Botox and fillers.


“If you can tell that a person has had work done, then it’s not a good job,” says Dr. Yeoh. “They should feel good, happy and confident and receive comments from family and friends on how well they look!”


Fillers are the most popular treatment with Dr. Yeoh’s clients, who tend to be conservative and discreet when it comes to aesthetic treatments. And her client list isn’t limited to women—about 15 percent are men.




To learn more about injectables, Dr. Yeoh answers the most common questions she receives.


What are injectables?

“Very simply, injectables refer to Botox and fillers, substances injected into the face and neck to relax wrinkles and fill in lines and wrinkles to achieve a refreshed and more youthful appearance.”


What do they do? How do they work?

Botox temporarily relaxes the muscles that contract, to give a more relaxed appearance. Fillers fill in lines, grooves, hollows and shadows, and are also used to lift and contour the cheeks and chin. They work to create a fresher appearance and are designed to slow down the aging process.”


Do they really make a difference?

“They make a big difference—in a way that is subtle yet visible. Injectables are popular because they provide a sense of instant gratification towards our appearance, which results in an immediate confidence boost. Because when we look good, we feel better about ourselves. These positive feel-good vibes then ripple through our entire lives. Some see it as their ‘pick me up’ and will come in when life gets stressful. One client calls it ‘Filler Love’.”


Are they safe?

“Yes, when used carefully. I use a slow and cautious injection technique. Safety is and has always been our highest priority.”


Will I look natural?

“Patients who come to IYAC are seeking natural-looking results, so it’s a definite yes.
Any trained practitioner can inject Botox and fillers, however, it takes an experienced eye and a skillful technique to create natural-looking results—the kind of results where you look fresh and relaxed, as though you’ve just come back from a holiday—with no tell-tale signs of work done.”


How long does it last?

“Botox lasts 3 to 4 months, fillers last a year on average.”


Will it hurt?

“Botox feels like an ant bite, which most people tolerate very well. For patients concerned about discomfort, we apply numbing cream to the affected areas. Fillers need more preparation time for numbing cream and local anesthesia to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible. Many tolerate the treatment very well.”


How do you help new patients make the right decisions regarding injectables?

“When I first see a patient, I listen to their main concerns. Depending on their underlying issues, I will customize a plan to help them achieve their desires. For example, if she wants to lift her cheeks, I would assess if her cheek laxity is a collagen, fat or bone loss issue. If it is mainly a fat loss issue, then I would develop a filler plan to address that. This would then create the underlying support to lift her cheek making her look fresher and more youthful.”


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