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3 Tips to Boost Immunity


3 Tips to Boost Immunity 

By Dr Chung Wan Ling


If the usual influenza season isn’t enough, there’s now a very real and added worry from the COVID-19 lurking around us.


In addition to the usual mask-wearing, handwashing, eat-right-and-drink-plenty (of water) tips that are circulating widely within our community, here are 3 important tips that can boost your immune system and keep you safe.


1. The face is sacred – don’t touch it

As an Infectious Disease Specialist in Singapore said, the face is sacred, don’t touch it.

The COVID-19 is considered to be large in size and is transmitted mainly by droplets. It can also be transmitted when the virus is transferred from contaminated surfaces to the mucosa (i.e. in the nose, mouth, eyes and open wounds). Ditto with many of the other cold and flu viruses. Thus, it’s very important to upkeep personal hygiene, even in non-COVID-19 times.

Keep the face sacred and don’t touch it with unwashed hands.

Symptomatic individuals should wear masks to reduce area contamination from coughs and sneezes and never spit in public places.

And of course, see a doctor when you are unwell and refrain from attending school or work.


2. Sleep early, sleep more

Lack of sleep affects the immune system.

During sleep, our immune system releases antibodies and protective proteins that help the body to fight infections and inflammations.

Aim to sleep early, ideally between 10-11 pm, for a good 7 to 8 hours of rest.

Teenagers require 9 to 10 hours of sleep, and younger children will need to sleep even earlier for more than 10 hours.


3. Get your flu and pneumococcal vaccinations

Although there is no vaccine available for the COVID-19 at the moment, vaccinating against seasonal influenza and pneumococcal infections will certainly prevent or reduce the likelihood of developing serious lung complications in the event of an infection.
Do you also know that Singaporeans may make use of their Medisave to pay for influenza and pneumococcal shots if they fall under the recommended target groups in the National Adult Immunisation Schedule at all public healthcare institutions, Medisave-accredited GPs, and private hospitals?

Wishing everyone to stay safe and well in these challenging times.



13th February 2020