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PROFHILO® — Lunchtime’s 3-4-5 Skin Perk-Me-Up


PROFHILO® — Lunchtime’s 3-4-5 Skin Perk-Me-Up 


By Dr Chung Wan Ling


Have you been feeling that your skin is looking a bit lackluster and dull? Can’t help but notice the sag of aging, no matter how much expensive firming and anti-aging cream you’ve been applying daily?


Then, it’s time to restore the glow and consider PROFHILO®. Less daunting than Botox and fillers, PROFHILO is a quick lunch-time perk-me-up treatment to firm up your skin.


PROFHILO’s 100% pure hyaluronic acid aims to give the skin a fresh and rested complexion by restoring natural-looking contours.




3 Perks of PROFHILO®


1. Firmer, more hydrated skin

PROFHILO prevents and corrects signs of aging. PROFHILO’s hyaluronic acid draws in water to hydrate aging dry skin from inside out, while also stimulating collagen and elastin to remodel the skin, firming the skin and reducing its laxity and crepiness.


Consider PROFHILO as part of your anti-aging regime in your 30s, to boost your collagen bank.


Give PROFHILO a try when you are in your 40s-50s, to firm your skin and reverse mild-to-moderate skin laxity.


Combine PROFHILO with other anti-aging treatments like Ultherapy and BB Laser for more visible youth-enhancing results.


2. Softer-looking wrinkles

PROFHILO plumps and hydrates the skin to slow down early signs of wrinkles and fine lines. It rehydrates and re-textures crepey skin in a way that no topicals can — just like wearing a good long-lasting moisturizer packed with collagen right under your skin. The effects are subtle, but certainly visible, especially in photos.


PROFHILO treats accordion lines, the curved vertical smile lines appearing outside the corners of the mouth when you smile. These lines form over the years from repeated smiling and may remain as prominent lines even when you relax after smiling.


3. Minimal discomfort and downtime

PROFHILO® is 100% hyaluronic acid, with no added chemicals. It’s biocompatible and not overly inflammatory, meaning that PROFHILO fuses with skin well with minimal irritation.


During the treatment, you may experience some minor and short-lived discomfort from the pinprick injections. The small bumps on the face generally settle on the same day within a few hours, although bumps on other areas (like the neck and décolletage) may take a few more days to resolve.


There is absolutely no risk of a frozen face (as with too much Botox) or a puffy and overdone look (as with too many fillers).



4 Types of Collagen

PROFHILO® is very different from hyaluronic acid fillers. While fillers passively replace lost volume and fill up sunken areas to improve the structure of the face, PROFHILO is bioactive and integrates with the skin to kickstart its production of 4 different types of collagen and elastin, bio-remodeling the skin.


PROFHILO complements other anti-aging treatments; firming up sagging skin with collagen first means you need less of other treatments to achieve more for a longer time.


5 Points in 5 Minutes

Treatment of the face requires only 1 syringe of PROFHILO® injected over 5 key points on each side of the face. These tiny points are quickly covered in 5 minutes, making PROFHILO very suitable as a lunch-time treatment.


The small welts of the injection points subside over a few hours as PROFHILO spreads across multiple layers of the skin. Following which, PROFHILO starts its work — hydrating and plumping dehydrated skin, while boosting production of new collagen and elastin for tightening and lifting sagging skin.