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5 Ways to Stay Calm, Grounded and Enjoy your home Stay

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Dr Yeoh shares tips on how to thrive at home during this unexpected time:

1. Maintain a weekly routine for yourself and your family 

schedule times for meals, exercise and tasks. Create time blocks to get things done. Having a structure keeps you feeling in charge and empowered, prevents feelings of boredom or feeling empty which can easily lead to depression.

2. Organize & clean up your home, Marie Kondo-style

It's the perfect time to tidy drawers, cupboards, wardrobe, bathroom & kitchen. Space clear your computer & phone - delete those emails, process those phone notes, organize your contact list & photos. Decluttering is a powerful way to bring more peace, joy and positive energy into your life.

3. Do 1 new thing a week you've been meaning to but never gotten around to 

try that new recipe, new workout video, read that book, research that topic, write that article, watch that documentary...

4. Stay active. Walk for 30-60 mins after dinner every day

It burns off excess calories from idle munching and prevents weight gain. Walking just after a meal has been shown to improve digestion, reduce blood sugar, improve sleep and lose weight (studies show weight loss of 1.5 -3kg during 1 month of walking). Even better, walk in the park amongst the trees - so beneficial for healing & recharging. (Be sure to avoid crowds and keep a safety distance of 5m away.)

5. Prioritize and stick with your self-care regimes

breathe, meditate, keep a gratitude journal, ensure your complexion remains clean & glowing with your daily skincare ritual. Self-care is not an indulgence, it is vitally important for our self-esteem. It helps to reduce stress, uplift the soul and radiate positive vibes to people around us. It is necessary for staying strong, healthy & balanced.