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Causes of Dry Skin 



By Dr Isabelle Yeoh

As we age, our skin naturally becomes more dry and rough. Aging, is in fact one of the most common causes of dry skin. This is due to decreased cell renewal, decreased natural moisturizing factor in our cells caused by the natural decline of hormones, and the accumulative effect of sun damage.


Dry skin on the face is often associated with other conditions such as sensitivity or irritation, pimple marks taking a long time to heal, pigments, as well as wrinkles, sagging or open pores. The good thing is that when the underlying dry skin is corrected, these associated conditions also improve at the same time.


In our quest for youth, the secret then is to keep on staying hydrated. We do this by using good quality skincare that nourishes the skin externally, and by choosing lifestyle choices that nourishes the skin internally. By making choices to help us look and feel our best, our skin will gradually start to look more youthful and vibrant from the inside out.


causes of Dry Skin