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3 Non-Surgical Ways to Achieve a V-Face:



Uplift, V-Lift & Liquid Lift  


Time and tide wait for no man, or woman. As we age, expect the youthful V silhouette of our face to take on a more rounded or heavier appearance, what we call the inverted V or A shape.

Some reasons why this is so:


  1. Natural decline of collagen in the support scaffolds of our face
  2. Middle-age weight gain
  3. Age-related bone resorption, so cheeks and neck begin to sag and skin hangs loose
v lift
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Otherwise, here are our top 3 non-surgical ways to restore that lifted V-shape.

1. Uplift with Ultherapy


First up, there is Ultherapy. This is the time-tested FDA approved high intensity focused ultrasound technology that stimulates collagen renewal, allowing the sagging fat pads to be lifted while tightening the overlying skin. A good candidate is someone with good tissue elasticity and sufficient cheek volume, who wishes to tighten and restore elasticity to their skin.   Results are visible, with a subtle uplift. Feel neater and more compact two months after the treatment. This treatment can last up to 1 year.


2. V-Lift


Next, there is V-Lift that slims and lifts from chin to cheek. Suited for those with larger chins or jowls, radiofrequency microneedling melts away unwanted fats around and under the jawline, while the tiny micro wounds to the skin then stimulate collagen and elastin. With less fat and tighter skin, the lower face is sculpted to more closely align with the natural bone structure, for a slimmer and more defined jawline. With minimal discomfort and long-lasting results, only 1-2 treatments are required to achieve natural-looking results.



3. Liquid Lift


Lastly, falling cheeks and jowls are commonly caused by a loss of facial volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers that are strategically placed to restore support will lift sagging cheeks and redefine the jawline, giving rise to a smoother jaw and tighter skin under the chin and neck. This procedure is sometimes known as the Liquid Lift. Results are immediate with minimal downtime, natural-looking, and can last up to a year.


Although each of these treatments may be done singly, IYAC’s approach is to combine treatments which not only yields more visible and long-lasting results, but is also supported by research showing good, synergistic outcomes when combined this way. Overall, the most effective options for achieving a lifted V-shaped face without surgery are treatments that are durable, have minimal downtime, and give natural-looking results. Treatments are just once yearly for maintaining that fresh, youthful look.


Speak to us at IYAC to find our if these treatments are what you need to help you achieve your desired V