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Why We Don't Offer Needleless Profhilo

Profhilo - Full imageAlarm bells should ring when you hear of providers offering Needleless Profhilo.

This is because Needleless Profhilo, or needle-free Profhilo, is not approved by Profhilo's manufacturer (IBSA Derma, Italy) or its Singapore distributor (Neoasia). See the official press release here.
The efficacy of Profhilo is only guaranteed with injections. Any before-after photos that have been published in medical journals are the result of these skin-deep injections and not from electroporation or plasma shower technology as touted by those who offer Needleless Profhilo. There have been no clinical studies to date which demonstrate that Needleless Profhilo works.

In our quest to provide patients with comfortable yet efficacious treatments, IYAC doctors have also experimented with Needleless Profhilo on ourselves. Simply put, Needleless Profhilo does not work. Both FDA-approved electroporation and ultrasound technology were used to drive Profhilo into the skin according to the recommended ‎protocol of 2 sessions, but the exercise amounted to nothing more than a sticky mess each time and a waste of products. The viscosity of the gel-like hyaluronic acid in the original Profhilo does not allow for sufficiently deep penetration of the skin with devices. The degree of hydration and firming was nowhere near that as previously achieved with injections.

Profhilo is a good product for hydrating and firming the skin. See Why Profhilo Should Be On Your Treatment Bucket List.

And in summary, if good money is going to be spent on Profhilo, then let's make sure it's administered the way it's meant to be - skin-deep injections, by experienced doctors, for the results that you deserve.