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Why Doctors Rave about PDRN


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PDRN, or salmon DNA, has been used for over 20 years in medicine to promote healing by:


1) improving blood circulation 

2) stimulating collagen renewal 

3) reducing inflammation.


This was especially so for diabetic ulcers, notorious for their chronicity and poor tissue repair. There have also been positive uses reported in medical journals in the healing of other ulcers, skin grafts, soft tissue and joint diseases, hair loss and even after eye surgeries.

Fast forward to today, PDRN is now available in aesthetic medicine as a potent healing skin injectable (Rejuran) or a needleless version to up that skin glow in medical-grade advanced facials. Healing is no longer limited to serious medical conditions, but available to all as a potent anti-aging formula.

Its Niche 

Rejuran is good for skin needing serious repair. It calms inflamed, sensitive skin (acne, oily or eczema-prone) and improves the appearance of scars (acne marks and depressions or red, angry-looking keloids). The downside to Rejuran is that the results are cumulative so repeated sessions (it's recommended for 3 to 4) and multiple skin-pricks (its effects are localized to the areas of injections) are needed.
This is where PRDN comes into the picture. Existing as smaller molecules, PDRN, which carries similar healing properties of Rejuran, can be driven into the dermal layer of the skin without needles. This means a safe treatment, with no downtime.

What are the benefits of PDRN?

  • Acne-prone skin: less oil and new acne, speed up recovery of old acne

  • Eczema-prone skin: less dryness, redness and sensitivity
  • Anti-aging: finer looking pores and lines, more hydrated skin
Overall, the skin will be more stable and look clearer.

Why is PDRN popular?

It can be delivered comfortably to the dermis of the skin where it matters with no downtime, sans needles. At IYAC, this is in the form of our targeted Defense Boosters, luxurious Ultimate Regenerative Facial or doctor-administered BB Healer and Hair Re-Densifying Program.

How has the response been at IYAC?

Our patients enjoy these treatments as they are comfortable, don't require numbing cream, have no downtime and demonstrate visible improvements in skin quality. Skin gets progressively more stable and hydrated; hair loss slows down and the crown becomes fuller.

We recommend PDRN for these concerns:

  • Dry or oily skin, with large pores and fines lines
  • Inflamed skin – acne, eczema or melasma
  • Mild to moderate male or female-patterned hair loss
  • General anti-aging maintenance

PDRN will appeal to those who:

Have troubled skin or hairWant no downtime or needles in their treatment



1.What are the differences between PDRN and Rejuran?

Essentially, PDRN and Rejuran differ in the size of the molecules.
Rejuran, the bigger-sized, needs to be injected specifically into the dermal layer of the skin, while PDRN can be pushed into the skin using deep electroporation or Thulium laser technology, hence no needles and no downtime.
PDRN treatments are suited for those who have mild to moderate skin issues and cannot tolerate needles.
Those with moderate to severe skin issues might want to try Rejuran injections for more pronounced results.

2.What's the treatment protocol for PDRN and Rejuran?

PDRN treatments can be as often as monthly or as when needed, as they don't carry downtime or side effects.
On the other hand, Rejuran injections are monthly in the initial 4 months and maintained subsequently at 6-monthly intervals.

3.What can I expect during and after each treatment?

PDRN treatments are comfortable, with no downtime.
Rejuran's pinprick injections give temporary bumps that last 1-2 days. With numbing cream, most people do find this a tolerable experience.

4.Can I combine PDRN or Rejuran with other treatments?

Certainly! Both PDRN and Rejuran can be combined with most treatments, such as facials, lasers, injections and non-surgical skin tightening procedures. Depending on the type of treatment, our doctors will further advise if the treatments need to be spread out over separate days.

Ready to experience healing with PDRN? We welcome for you to come in for a chat with one of our doctors for an assessment and skin plan.