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Brotox: Botox for men




By Dr Chung Wan Ling


Men, too, aren’t immune to aging. And in the modern society, men are also no longer limited to shaving or hair styling for cleaner aesthetics. Instead, we are seeing an increasing trend of men seeking Brotox.


What’s Brotox? Essentially, it’s the same Botox, a naturally purified protein, injected in a tasteful manner to take the edge off the years, without sacrificing masculinity.


Brotox, also dubbed as a lunch-time procedure, is straightforward and quick. Results are visible from 2 weeks and generally last 3-6 months. Depending on how Botox is injected, different needs can be addressed: lines and wrinkles, teeth grinding, skin tightening/lifting and sweaty palms and armpits.


Brotox, your quick-fix to put your best self forward.