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IYAC sub-05

Recommended: all skin types. for luminous, dewy skin
$250 | 45minutes || $1,200 for six sessions

TM pressurized system to infuse a potent combination of oxygen and hyaluronic acid deep into the skin. To address the specific needs of different skin types, this facial comes with a choice of boosters: Rejuvenate for hydration, Antioxidant for glow, Opulence for uneven skin tones and Vitamin A for acne-prone skin, each with its own proprietary blend of vitamins and botanical ingredients. The O2 Intraceutical Facial results in visibly younger, lifted and hydrated skin after just one treatment, hence its reputation as the must-have red carpet fix. The facial includes microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells, pore extraction and a healing LED treatment. For optimum results, it’s recommended to book three treatments with one week between treatments.