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The Handi Brush

An ultra-soft, goat hair brush to dust on your base, blush, bronzer and shimmer powders.
High-quality goat hairs pick up the perfect amount of product and distribute it evenly. Its versatility and compact size also make it the must-have tool in every girl's cosmetic pouch.
All Jane Iredale makeup brushes are created from the finest materials available and hand-tied so only the kindest part of the hair touches your delicate skin.
Highly recommended for applying: Amazing Base, PurePressed Base, PurePressed Blush and bronzer.

Goat Hair

Caring for your brushes:

Ideally, wash your brushes once a week. Use warm water and a small amount of your facial wash or shampoo and massage into the hair. Rinse off, apply gentle pressure to remove excess water, then place on a towel and lay flat to dry.