Cleansers & Toners

Skin Cleansing is the first step of a good skincare regime, and is vital for creating good skin health and a beautiful complexion. Choose from our selection of two options - a creamy deep cleansing foam cleanser, or a silky mousse cleanser, depending on your preference or skin type.
Our Hydrating Soothing Essence, created for all skin types, is a must-use as your second step - this makes a difference towards keeping your skin moisturized, revitalized and supple.

Hydrating Soothing Essence
A luxurious, multi-faceted toner that revitalizes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Silk proteins gives exceptional moisturizing benefits and a beautiful silky texture to the product, while powerful natural ingredients such as tremella mushrooms, ginseng and chamomile hydrate, firm and reduce skin irritation and redness. It leaves the skin toned, deeply nourished and silky smooth.