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Booking your first appointment at an aesthetics clinic can be intimidating. What if the clinic tries to sell you an expensive package you don’t really need? What if the doctor recommends other “problems” that need to be “fixed”? What if the best thing to do is try to ignore the problem that’s bothering you? What if, what if… what if?

IYAC is aware of these concerns. And you’re not alone in thinking them. That’s why we aim to provide a reassuring, comfortable visit to all clients – especially those new to medical aesthetics. We do not apply a one-size-fits all approach, and we will never pressure you or recommend unwanted or unnecessary treatments.

Wondering if now is the right time to book an appointment? Ask yourself a few questions. Is there something on your face or body that troubles you when you look in the mirror? Are facials not quite cutting it anymore? Perhaps fine lines or other signs of aging are starting to emerge? You’re unsatisfied but you aren’t interested in going under the knife?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, IYAC can help.

If a small change to your appearance would help you feel your best, give us a call and tell us your concerns. You can come in for a detailed discussion with one of our doctors regarding your issues and the range of possible solutions. If a number of different therapies can help, our doctors will explain each one – the pros, the cons, the costs and the expected results and downtime, if any.

Our office is centrally located in Camden Medical Centre, and we do our utmost to preserve your privacy. We have a number of discrete sitting areas, and it’s rare to see more than one to two other clients during a visit. Oftentimes, you will see no one other than the staff.

We are here to guide you and advise you, but the decisions are, of course, all yours. Our goal is that you feel better walking out of our doors than you did when you walked in.