Peels & Facials

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Peels and Facial Treatment

Peels & Facials Treatment


To rejuvenate, freshen and restore the skin to its healthy, youthful glow, IYAC offers a wide range of peels and facials to cater to different skin conditions. These treatments can be done on their own as a standalone treatment, or combined with a laser treatment for a more significant overall result.


Facial Circuit


Facial Circuit is a combination of therapeutic facials or image peels customised to suit your needs. Each session includes ultrasound cleansing, a choice of one of our therapeutic facials or image peels that best addresses your skin concerns, a stem cell mask with a soothing facial massage, followed by the Gentlewaves LED which completes the beauty ritual.


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Therapeutic Facials


IYAC’s popular and well-loved therapeutic facials are designed to treat problem or damaged skin, or to simply maintain healthy skin. All of our facials include microdermabrasion to remove dead skin and stimulate collagen, Gentlewaves LED to invigorate, and the application of potent enzymes, vitamins and masks to calm, nourish and hydrate the skin.


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Image Peels


Image peels are a selection of high quality peels that use anti-aging ingredients (vitamin C, alpha and beta hydroxyl acids) and botanical ingredients (aloe vera), to restore the skin’s natural beauty. Different to chemical peels, there is no healing time involved and the skin looks radiant after each treatment. Treatments have a natural appeal and offer respite for those whose skin type is not suitable for laser or conventional chemical peels.

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