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What is Clean Pore Hydrating Facial?

A deep cleansing, skin softening, pore smoothening, hydrating and firming facial combining powerful Arazyme enzymes, Lipo Proteoglycans, BellaLux LED and Rejuran healing mask to create vibrant, pure and healthy skin instantly. Our Clean Pore & Hydrating Facial is 60 minutes of sheer lulling while it works hard to remove imperfections and upgrade the health quotient of your skin.


What does the Clean Pore Hydrating Facial involve?

The 5-step facial includes:

Step 1 Arazyme Soft peel protease enzymes with healing plant extracts dissolve keratin build up & gently promote skin cell turnover.

(This novel protein enzyme from Korea, known for its anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties, treats acne & skin irritations, and is safe for sensitive skin.)


Step 2 Deep Pore Cleansing Foam
Gentle Extractions

cleansing foam containing salicylic acid removes impurities to reveal fresh, clean skin.

Step 3 Lipo Proteoglycans

a single dose of pure, potent proteoglycans, vitamin A, C, E & fatty acids is applied onto the skin.

(Lipo Proteoglycans deeply hydrate, brighten, firm, improve wrinkles & elasticity and promote healing.)

Step 4 Bellalux LED

a combination of blue, yellow and near infrared light restores healthy skin & slows down signs of aging.

Step 5 Rejuran Healing Mask

a rejuvenating & restorative mask infuses healing peptides and seals in the goodness of the entire treatment.


What are the benefits of Clean Pore Hydrating Facial?

Expect freshly clean, vibrant and hydrated skin with refined pores and a radiant glow.
Treatments are soothing and relaxing, so much so that clients are often lulled to sleep.
Regular treatments help to keep skin looking at its glowing best – with visible improvements in tone, texture, clarity and purity.


How often should I have Clean Pore Hydrating Facial?

Recommended once every 3 weeks.



$400 per session, $2100 per 6 sessions. All prices are subject to 7% GST.


Interested to find out more?

Email or call us at 6738 9929 for an appointment now.