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IYAC sub-05

Recommended: all skin types, especially aging and acne-prone skin
$400 | 90 minutes || $2,100 for 6 sessions
This facial combines light therapy with a rejuvenating facial to restore healthy, younger-looking skin. Starting in our 20s, the skin starts producing less collagen and natural exfoliation decreases by nearly a third, causing dead skin cells to accumulate on the skin’s surface. This makes the skin start to thin and look dull. This facial boosts the skin’s existing collagen, promotes the growth of new collagen and exfoliates dead skin cell deposits for a luminous, dewy complexion.
The treatment:
The facial begins with both wet and dry microdermabrasion to clean away dead skin cells, sebum and dirt deposits on the epidermis. A stem cell sleeping mask is applied to revitalize and refresh dull, dry skin. Red light therapy stimulates collagen growth and reduces inflammation while blue light therapy kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces breakouts and redness. Pore extraction cleans out clogged pores, and a skin polish smooths lines, wrinkles and old acne marks. Lymphatic drainage removes toxins and water retention from the skin. The treatment ends with a BellaLux LED treatment to further stimulate collagen production and regenerate new cell growth.
Expected results:
This facial is an all-around winner for its ability to cleanse the skin’s outer layer while restoring hydration and suppleness to the inner layer. Freshness and vitality are returned to the skin. This facial is ideal for anyone wishing to slow the progression of aging without the use of lasers, fillers or Botox.
Recommended frequency: six sessions – once every three weeks.