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A non-invasive body shaping device used to improve lymphatic drainage and reduce cellulite.

What is Cellu-Fit?


Cellu-Fit is a non-invasive body shaping device used to improve lymphatic drainage and reduce cellulite. It combines multipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy with vacuum suction and LED technologies to improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and skin tone.


How does Cellu-Fit work?

Cellu-Fit works by combining three technologies in a single treatment to achieve an overall improved appearance in cellulite:
  • Multipolar RF

 RF energy delivers thermal energy into the dermal and subcutaneous layer, promoting faster metabolism, tightening collagen fibers and improving skin elasticity.
  • Vacuum suction

Vacuum suction increases blood circulation, reduces the adhesive contact between fat cell clusters, and therefore reshapes the body. Additionally, it assists in delivering RF energy deeper into the skin.              
  • LED

Wavelengths of 640nm and 460nm increase blood circulation and improve skin tone


What areas can be treated?

Cellu-Fit can be used on most parts of the body, and includes the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

 What happens during the procedure?

 During the treatment, you will lie comfortably on the bed while the therapist moves the handpiece in a continuous motion over the treated area. Expect to feel tolerable heat with a pinching sensation, when the radiofrequency, vacuum and LED energies are delivered to the skin.

How long does each session last?

Each treatment is 45 minutes per body area treated.

How many treatments do I need?

For optimal results, a series of 5 to 10 treatments at weekly intervals is recommended. You may choose to have additional treatments for maintenance if desired.

What are the side effects?

You can expect to experience mild redness, swelling or bruising on or around the treated area which can last for about 72 hours after the treatment.

How should I prepare for the treatment?

Keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking at least 10 glasses of water a few days before and after the treatment. This helps the body to eliminate waste more efficiently which can help results.


1 session: $400

Package of 6 sessions: $2,000


Prices quoted are per body area and are subject to 7% GST.


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