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What is it?
Rest and Relax is a medical-grade neck and back relaxation therapy for total body wellness. This 30-minute heat therapy session is designed specifically for the neck and the back. Using radiofrequency technology, the treatment:


  • Releases tension in stress-carrying areas (neck, shoulders, upper and lower back)
  • Improves circulation through deep heating of the subcutaneous tissue
  • Relieves pain associated with arthritis in the joints of the neck and back


Is a Rest and Relax right for me?
Yes, as long as you have stressed or tight muscles and want to improve your general mental and physical well-being.


This treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant and/or with bony metal implants/cardiac pacemakers.

Rest and Relax is safe for those who are breastfeeding, using physical contraception like IUCD or with dental implants.


What can I expect during the treatment?
The treatment begins with a warm rub-down of the back and shoulders. Next, a soft body oil, mimicking the natural lipids of our skin, is applied on the target areas to work synergistically with the warm radiofrequency applicator’s gentle rolls, kneading out the knots of strained and tired muscles. The session finishes with another rub-down. At the end of the treatment, look forward to relieving the tension and pain of treated areas, with the added benefits of softer and more supple skin.


Is there downtime?
There is no pain or downtime. Instead, expect to relieve strained muscles in a soothing sanctuary.


How often should I receive treatments?
This treatment is safe for weekly sessions, or as when needed.


A single session is $250.
Get 3 sessions for $750.

All prices are subject to 7% GST.