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Hair Re-densify Program


What is it?


The Hair Re-Densifying Program's (HRP) key features are the BB Hair laser (for hair growth) and a fortifying hair cocktail containing PDRN (salmon DNA with anti-inflammation and cell renewal properties). This 12-week journey is designed to optimize the scalp to improve hair thickness and density while reducing further hair loss and greying hairs, as backed by clinical studies.


Is the Hair Re-Densify Program (HRP) right for me?


This treatment is suitable for those with mild to moderate male or female-pattern hair loss or for anyone who wants to prevent hair loss as part of anti-aging.


What happens during each HRP treatment?


Expect a warm and light tingling but comfortable sensation as the BB laser is passed over the scalp. This is followed by a gentle massage of the hair actives (PDRN, peptides and growth factors) into the scalp. The session finishes with a LED treatment that improves the blood circulation of the scalp.


How long does each treatment last?


Each treatment session is about 45 minutes.


What can I expect after a HRP treatment?


A HRP treatment is straightforward with no downtime, so resume your regular activities immediately after.


How do I prepare for HRP treatments?


Attend the clinic with hair that has been washed for the day.


How many treatments will I need?


For those treating hair loss, it's recommended to have 12 sessions, once a week.


It is important to keep in mind that any nutrient debt is addressed and appropriate hair care is used so that results of the procedure last as long as possible.


IYAC's Wellness Nutrition Screen is nutrient-focused and also examines general health. Replacing nutrient debt is the first step to healthier and stronger hair.

Good hair products are those that not only nourishes the scalp but also counters the hair-shedding effects of dihydrotestosterone.




S$3200 for 12 sessions. All prices are subject to GST.


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