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At IYAC, we delve deep into the roots of the hair and treat your crown from inside out.

Healthy strong roots are the result of a good nutritional foundation, appropriate hair care habits, quality home-use products as well as hair therapeutics backed by clinical studies.

Hair Facts That You Need to Know

• Hair repeatedly grows and falls in our lifetime.
• It is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair a day.
• It is unusual to lose more than 5 strands with a gentle pull of 40-60 hairs.
• Hair loss can start as early as from our 20s.
• Contributing factors to hair loss include:      
  • Poor diet, nutrient debt – especially in women (most common: iron deficiency)
  • Stress – extreme dieting, illnesses, mental stress
  • Hormones – male hormones, menopause, childbirth
  • Genetics – have a look at our parents, siblings and other relatives
  • Environment – pollution, poor hair practices, sub-optimal hair care products 
rsz hair cycle diagram-3watermark 

The Hair Cycle

Our hair goes through repeated cycles of growth-death-rest. The number of these cycles that we experience in our life is determined by all the contributing factors of hair loss as stated above.


In hair re-densifying, we aim to prolong the lifespan and thickness of hair in the growth phase by providing optimal nourishment and conditions. Every strand of hair counts.

From the Inside

A hair evaluation starts with our IYAC Wellness Nutrition Screen. This includes detailed labs (blood, urine and stool) that not only examines general health but focuses on nutrient debt so that our IYAC doctors can customise a supplement regime to help replace your essential but missing vitamins and minerals.


Price:From $480.

All prices are subject to GST.


Specific Hair Supplements

In addition to the essential vitamins and minerals, healthy hair with good texture, elasticity and strength also depends on amino acids, the building blocks of keratin that make hair.

These amino acids are the key feature in the established brands of hair supplements that are carried at IYAC.
Price:From $45 for a once-daily 1 month supply.
All prices are subject to GST.

Hair Care

IYAC also carries Pilose from Korea, a set of hair care containing apple cell extracts, peptides, vitamins and minerals to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. They provide a source of antioxidants and growth factors to counter the effects of dihydrotestosterone, a type of male hormone, that is the primary culprit responsible for male or female-pattern hair loss.

There are 3 parts to an all-rounded home-care regime:
1. Shampoo – for a nourishing yet deep cleanse of the scalp with sebum control
2. Tonic Spray – for a lightweight and non-greasy scalp boost, suitable for day-use
3. Serum– a concentrated essence for more serious hair loss

Suitable for both genders.


Price:From $48 per bottle of shampoo.
All prices are subject to GST.
The Hair Re-Densify Program jumpstarts hair growth and staunches hair loss.BB Hair laser treatments are combined with a fortifying hair cocktail to improve hair thickness and density while reducing further hair loss and greying hairs, as backed by clinical studies.Suitable for those with mild to moderate male or female-pattern hair loss, as part of anti-aging hair loss prevention or for strengthening hair post-pregnancy.
Price:$3200 for 12 weekly sessions.
All prices are subject to GST.

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