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Plagued by pigmentation? Pigments are our body’s way of protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays, but when abnormal clusters of pigments start forming from chronic sun exposure, hormonal changes or other medical factors, that’s when we get those brown spots and patches known as hyperpigmentation. People as young as in their teens may get pigments. Depending on the type of pigment, if left untreated, may only get worse and harder to clear.


At IYAC, we use a multi-layer (including lifestyle) approach to deal with the different types of pigments for faster and cleaner results.



These medical-grade topicals may be prescribed singly or in combination. 


Cysteamine cream

   Stops new pigment production

   Breaks down existing pigment


Hydroquinone cream

   Stops new pigment production

   Breaks down existing pigment


Retinoid cream

   Encourages skin cell turnover to carry upwards the existing pigments


From $20 for a clinical-grade retinoid cream. All prices are subject to GST.





   Heliocare’s Ultra & 360°
   Increases the skin’s overall resilience



   Heliocare’s Pure White Radiance & Timeless Tomato

   Lightens pigments



   Anti-inflammatory tablets for complex melasma


From $66 for a month’s supply of oral sunscreen. All prices are subject to GST.



The type of pigments will determine the depth of the pigments.


Superficial pigments like freckles and sun spots may be treated with IPL or a Pigment Laser.


Such pigments are expected to turn darker and scab over, especially in the first 1-3 sessions. When the scabs fall off, the treated area may remain clear or may turn darker before fading in the months to come.


Deeper pigments like Hori’s Nevus are treated with the Revlite and/or Dual Yellow Light Lasers.


Deeper pigments do not scab. Instead, they absorb the light energy and shatter within the skin, manifesting as a reddish-brown or a darker shade before lightening over a month or two, as bits of the pigments get cleared away by the body as waste products.


Hence, the first consult for pigments at IYAC involves an accurate diagnosis of your pigments to customise the most appropriate combination of lasers in your Laser Circuit treatment.


Laser treatments are scheduled monthly, in tandem with the body’s waste removal system, for sustained work on a progressively shrinking block of pigment. For a start, we recommend 3-6 sessions.



From $450 for a single session & $2100 for 6 sessions. All prices are subject to GST.


Sun Avoidance & Protection

Cumulative and chronic UV exposure may trigger and certainly worsen pigmentations. It’s paramount to avoid the sun physically during the harshest hours of light. Umbrellas, broad brim hats and even sun protective fabrics are helpful.


If sun avoidance is challenging, then at least apply a sunscreen with SPF 30+ and aim for a reapplication at mid-day.



From $89 for 50 ml of Silk Sun Screen (SPF 30 PA +++). All prices are subject to GST.



Lastly, a short note on hydration – dehydrated skin is more sensitive to environmental insults, stress and hormonal changes. This means that dry skin is more prone to pigment changes even with due diligence in skincare. 


At IYAC, we provide options to restore hydration to the skin, on both superficial and deep layers.


Try one of our signature hydrating products or experience one of our essential facials to combat dry skin on the surface.


For longer-lasting hydration (up to 6 months) that goes beyond the surface, go for injectable hydration drops. Either Profhilo or Skinboosters will provide added hyaluronic acid to boost the moisture content of the skin. Profhilo has the benefits of fewer injection points (only 5 on each side of the face) and the ability to stimulate collagen to firm the skin.



From $19 for a travel-size Hydrating Soothing Essence. All prices are subject to GST.