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At IYAC, we adopt a holistic approach to tackling pimples and scars in both adolescents and adults.


We teach you how to eat clean for clearer skin, prescribe supplements and anti-acne medications for severe acne when necessary, and provide a suite of services to treat acne from outside in. This includes deep cleansing therapeutic facials (with professional and gentle extractions), laser and light treatments for active pimples as well as scar treatments for old marks and scars.


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How Pimples Form



IYAC’s go-to treatments target these main factors of acne:
1. Excess oil production
2. Hair follicles clogged by oil & dead skin
3. Acne bacteria




Prevention is always better than cure, click to see 7 Tips for Pimple Prevention. Acne prevention starts right at home with appropriate skincare. IYAC’s Acne Clearing Sleeping Mask, a light-weight formulation of all-natural ingredients (Silk Crystal, tea tree oil, witch hazel, and elm) fights acne bacteria while gently soothing inflammation and hydrating the skin. Use this mask daily to prevent pimples and keep skin clean.


At IYAC, we prescribe medical-grade topicals for a combination approach:

Antibiotic cream

        Kills acne bacteria
Retinoid cream
        Encourages skin cell turnover to prevent clogging of pores
        Reduces oil production
Azelaic acid cream
        Kills acne bacteria
        Dissolves dead skin to prevent clogging of pores


From $20 for a clinical-grade retinoid cream. All prices are subject to GST.



Chemical Peel

IYAC’s chemical peel uses a naturally derived exfoliative to benefit acne-prone skin by:

  • Dissolving excess oil
  • Removing built-up of dead skin and unclogging pores
  • Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties


When peel treatments are repeated at regular intervals through the year (1-2 months for a mild peel, 4-6 months for a medium peel), the skin becomes calmer and clearer, with reduced acne marks and smaller pores.


Suitable for oily and blemish-prone skin to address the roots of acne with subtle downtime.


From $385 for a single session. All prices are subject to GST.


TCA Cross

TCA CROSS is the chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS) using trichloroacetic acid (TCA). This can be a standalone treatment or combined with subcision and/or a laser treatment for more visible results.

The TCA CROSS procedure involves depositing a tiny amount of high concentration TCA onto the surface of the atrophic scar. This causes a local inflammatory reaction to trigger collagen formation to improve the appearance of the scar.

Suitable to treat ice pick acne scars and large pores.

Single session from $300. All prices are subject to GST.

Laser Circuit

IYAC’s Laser Circuit is a combination of laser and light therapies Acne(Dual Yellow Laser), Laser Circuit(Laser + IPL) designed to target acne bacteria, reduce acne redness and inflammation and to stabilize oily skin.


There are 3 steps for an all-rounded treatment:

1. Ultrasound Cleansing – for a gentle yet deep cleansing of the skin

2. Laser and Light therapy – a customized combination to suit your skin type and skin issues

3. LED Treatment – the finishing light treatment for healing and radiance


Suitable for all skin types to target various acne-related issues.


From $450 for a single session, S$2100 for 6 sessions. All prices are subject to GST.



BB Laser

The BB Laser, a more intensive treatment than the lasers in the Laser Circuit, offers a jumpstart to boost skin quality. By penetrating to the lower part of the epidermis, this non-ablative skin resurfacing laser renews damaged skin and stimulates collagen production, improving acne-prone skin by:

  • Lightening superficial acne marks/scars
  • Reducing acne inflammation
  • Tightening pores


Suitable for all skin types to refine skin and target stubborn acne marks.


$800 for a single session. $2160 for 3 sessions. All prices are subject to GST.




Rejuran® is a skin rejuvenating treatment using DNA fragments of wild salmon. Rejuran stimulates the skin’s regenerative ability (enhances collagen production, soothes inflammation) to improve the appearance of various acne skin concerns such as scars, large pores and redness. The benefits are cumulative. Using Rejuran alone to stabilize acne and improve scars, it is recommended to start with 3 to 4 monthly sessions, followed by a maintenance treatment every 6 months.


Suitable for those who wish to address underlying inflammation while improving the fundamentals of the skin.


Single session from $750. All prices are subject to GST.




Subcision is a service that IYAC offers for depressed acne scars. When the inflammation from acne is prolonged, deep and affects underlying tissue, the skin heals with surface depressions anchored down by fibrous bands. In subcision, a special needle is used to release these fibrous anchors. It is recommended to combine subcision with a collagen-stimulating treatment, such as Rejuran, PROFHILO® or BB Laser, so that the new collagen and elastin can fill up the scars, improving the skin contour.


Suitable for those with depressed acne scars.




Single session from $300. All prices are subject to GST.



Scar Journey

IYAC's Scar Journey offers a multi-prong approach in dealing with acne aftermath over a 6-months treatment period while promoting the skin's resilience.

At the 1 st consultation, our doctors will firm up the treatment road-map according to the concerns and skin type.


Scar Journey

A 6-months journey typically consists of a combination of:

1. Laser resurfacing
BB Laser x 2 sessions
For stimulating collagen throughout the face & tightening pores

2. Injectables
Rejuran x 4 syringes or
Profhilo x 2 syringes or
Rejuran x 2 syringes + Profhilo x 1 syringe
For healing & boosting skin quality

3. Procedures
Subcision and/or TCA CROSS x 3 sessions
For releasing the anchoring fibrous scar bands & targeting difficult-to-reach atrophic & ice pick scars


Suitable for those with atrophic, ice pick, depressed and rolling acne scars.
$4500 for a 6-month journey. All prices are subject to GST.