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Lasers are popular treatments in the world of medical aesthetics. And for good reason – they treat a number of common problems including pigmentation, fine lines, visible pores, broken blood vessels and more. Additionally, results are consistent, the procedure is quick and safe, and most treatments require zero downtime. Plus, complications that many patients fear with other treatments – such as undesirable plastic surgery results or frozen facial muscles (the so-called “mannequin face”) don’t occur with laser treatments. Lasers allow you to look like you – only with a clearer complexion. 

IYAC offers a variety of laser technologies for nearly every skin type. Some lasers, such as Dual Yellow laser, are suitable for treating acne, while the Revlite® laser is ideal for toning the skin and treating deep pigments. Lasers combined with other therapies, such as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), often work wonders on reducing new and old pigmentation alike.

If you are new to lasers, you may be wondering – which laser do I choose? Which one is right for my problems? The answers depend on your skin type and the issues you would like to address. The doctors at IYAC are happy to have a consultation with you to discuss all options.

We offer three categories of lasers with varying strengths and capabilities.



Level 1: Mild Lasers

  • Recommended for skin rejuvenation, fine line and wrinkle reduction in younger patients, acne breakouts and pigmentation problems, and monthly maintenance treatments for healthy glowing skin

  • Downtime = none

    • Laser Circuit
      A frequently requested treatment at IYAC, this 4-in-1 therapy combines IPL and three separate lasers into one packaged treatment to combat the most common problems seen at the clinic – pigmentation, acne, spider veins and uneven tone and texture.

    • Laser for Spider Veins
      This laser targets visible veins, broken blood vessels and redness on the face, around the nose and under the eyes.

    • Laser Express
      Another IYAC favourite, this treatment combines the Revlite® laser with a light chemical peel for supple, radiant and clear skin.

Level 2: Moderate Lasers

  • Recommended for those with more pronounced facial lines, skin pigmentation and open pores.

  • Downtime = 3 to 7 days

    • BB Laser
      This laser treatment rejuvenates the skin to a flawless “BB Cream” finish.

Level 3: Intense Lasers

  • Recommended for those seeking more dramatic skin resurfacing results and reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and pores

  • Downtime = 5 to 7 days

    • BB Intense
      A more concentrated version of the basic BB Laser, this treatment targets aggressive, long-standing skin conditions such as years-old pigmentation and acne scars. Downtime is social, meaning you can carry on with normal activities.



Between S$350-S$2200 onwards. All prices are subject to 7% GST.

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