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Struggling with weight management? At IYAC, not only do we offer body contouring treatments, but also holistic weight management plans, including Saxenda, an injectable weight-loss medication, for sustainable weight loss.


Why weight loss is often coupled with weight rebound?


Those who have tried to lose weight often end up with a weight rebound later on. This is not unexpected and not necessarily due to our lack of will power to maintain that weight loss. As part of our evolution, we are programmed to hold on to our weight – our body goes into an energy-saving mode and burns fewer calories, resulting in lost weight gradually regained. This feedback mechanism is for survival, just like how our caveman ancestors did when food was scarce.


With obesity declared a chronic disease by the World Health Organization (WHO) and recognizing the associated inflammatory detrimental health effects such as diabetes, fatty liver, heart diseases, sleep apnea and low back pain, it has become more important now to manage weight well. 


At IYAC, our doctors are familiar with these aspects of weight management


- Exploring diets and lifestyle modifications

- Interpreting laboratory tests related to nutrition and metabolism

- Prescribing evidence-based medications to lose weight

- Planning body contouring treatments 


IYAC offers Saxenda, a safe and clinically-backed injectable therapy, for sustainable weight loss.


How to achieve weight loss?


For effective weight loss, there needs to be a daily net deficit in calories. This means overall intake must be significantly less than the energy expended. Either we consume a lot less food, or we exercise a lot more. While we say any degree of increased activity is good, e.g. climbing the stairs, a 20-minute brisk walk or an evening jog, this must be coupled with sufficient calorie restriction for effective weight loss.


How Saxenda works?


Saxenda reduces weight by recalibrating your appetite. It's similar to one of the natural appetite regulators in our body, GLP-1, and works by activating receptors in the brain to enhance fullness and decrease hunger pangs. Overall, you will eat less. The administration is straight-forward, only once a day, independent of meal-times.


What are the common side effects of Saxenda?


The most common side effect is nausea. The nausea is part of your body's mechanism to reduce eating and will usually normalize within 1-2 weeks of any changes in the dosing of Saxenda. Other common side effects include constipation or loose stools and again, these should resolve with time.


What can I do to cope with nausea?


Bear in mind that the nausea is temporary and most will improve after a few days. In the meantime, coping measures include:

  • Eating smaller meals.

  • Stop eating when you feel full.

  • Avoiding the food and smells that trigger nausea.


What results can I expect from Saxenda?


Together with some lifestyle changes, expect to lose at least 5% of your baseline weight at 3 months.


Large scale clinical studies have demonstrated that 1 out of 3 patients lost more than 10% of their weight after 1 year and this weight loss is mostly sustainable.


Patients can also expect improvements in their sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure profiles.


What other lifestyle tips can I apply to my daily life?


Eat healthily:

  • Portioning approximately a fistful of vegetables and fruits, a palm-size of lean protein and a thumb worth of good fat at each meal, with reduced grains.
  • Reducing the amounts, rather than abstaining completely from your favorite foods.
  • Setting out regular meal times to avoid overeating later in the day.

Small steps do make an impact. What’s important is to vary or choose fun activities to stay motivated and keep regular activity. Be active by:

  • Using the stairs whenever you can, even a flight or two is good.

  • 10-20 minutes a day doing an online exercise routine, these are aplenty in recent times.

  • Going outdoors when you can, a brisk walk at the park does good for the heart.


Are there other medications that can help me lose weight?


Yes, there are 2 other prescription-only medications available. However, due to their side effects, we would still recommend Saxenda for safe and sustainable weight loss.


Orlistat, or Xenical, works on the intestines and blocks fat absorption. This means that it will only work well for those who regularly consume high-fat foods. The fat that is not absorbed by the body can be socially embarrassing, with increased flatulence, fatty stools and accidental fatty leaks.


Phentermine, or Duromine, stimulates the brain to suppress appetite. However, it has a propensity to increase heart rate and blood pressure, with a risk of affecting the heart valves. Hence, it cannot be used for long-term weight loss.


In summary, sustainable weight loss is attainable with some tweaks in your lifestyle and Saxenda.


You have the will, now there is a way. Speak to one of the doctors at IYAC to find out more on how to start your doctor-led, personal and customized journey for sustainable weight loss to a healthier and slimmer you.



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