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Botox For Jaw Reduction

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What is Botox for jaw slimming?

Botox is injected into the chewing muscle (masseter) causing it to weaken and shrink in size. The result is a slimmer, more youthful face shape. The procedure also helps those who suffer from migraine headaches caused by stress and teeth grinding, as it relaxes the jaw muscles thereby reducing overall tension in the face.
Botox Slimming

How does it work?

Jaw muscles are extremely strong – especially in people who grind or clench their teeth (bruxism) – and overtime these muscles can bulk up, resulting in a squaring off of the lower face. By weakening the muscles, the jawline softens into a slimmer, more oval shape. Botox cannot, however, make a round or chubby face smaller, but rather it reduces the size of prominent masseter muscles that define the lower shape of their face.

What happens during a treatment?

Botox is injected directly into the masseter muscle. The treatment takes less than ten minutes. Most patients have minimal discomfort, even without anaesthetic cream.

When are results visible?

It takes two to three weeks to see the full effect, and results last for approximately six months. Results are subtle but visible.

How long do results last?

Results can last between four to six months depending on how fast your body metabolizes the Botox. Patients can choose to repeat the treatment every six months to maintain the effect. For long-term Botox users, the dosage is often reduced with subsequent treatments.

Is Botox a safe treatment for jaw slimming?

Botox can be safely used to slim down a wide face. Although temporary difficulty in chewing may sometimes occur, side effects are rare. In addition, there is no downtime, and normal daily activities can be resumed immediately.

Who is a good candidate for Botox treatments for the jaw?

The ideal candidate for a slimmer, V-shaped face is around 30 to 50 years old, when the skin is still taut, the facial muscles are still firm, and the face has not begun to sag.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Yes. And it is advisable if the face has started to significantly sag. At this point, the contouring effects of Botox are less visible, and it is advisable to combine Botox with other skin lifting treatments (e.g. a Botox Facelift or Ultherapy) for more significant results.


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